About Us

Scott Mock, owner of Avery Taylor Custom Homes, credits his success to his grandfather, Ron Taylor, and late grandmother, Joan Taylor, for providing outstanding examples of how to be successful in the home building industry. Scott’s grandparents started Taylor Building & Supply Company in the 1960’s and were a huge influence on Scott’s belief in hard work and integrity. “My grandparents were big believers in doing what you say you were going to do. They were a great team, just as Jeni and I are, and complimented each other’s strengths”. Scott envisioned having his own home building company and wanted the namesake to show how much he believed in the businesses long term outlook so Jeni and Scott decided to name the company after their daughter, Avery, and future son and family name, Taylor. Call anytime to discuss why an Avery Taylor Custom Home is the right choice for you!

Scott is currently building homes in northeast Harris and Liberty County areas.